March 01, 2011

Horseradish Sauce, Marmite, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Mint Sauce, Indian Spices, Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce and Wholegrain Mustard.

The World’s Most Expensive Grocery Trip.

I’ve just been back to England. My main purpose was to visit my family whom I’d not seen in nearly two years. My secondary purpose was to buy the items listed above, which are impossible, or at best very difficult, to find in Korea. I did however forget to buy some mature cheddar. Dammit. I’ll have to find another use for my Lea and Perrin’s.

It’s a long way to England from Korea. My trip over went: 3 hour subway ride, 4 hour flight to Hong Kong, 2 hour wait, 12 hour flight, 2 hour train trip to my mum’s place in Harpenden. Factor in that there’s a nine hour time difference, and the day I travelled over had about 35 hours in it. It took me several days to get over the exhausting trip and the jetlag.

Also, I took over a bottle of soju as a gift, which was smashed en route, and everything in my bag was soaked. Luckily it’s a clear liquid, and I had it in a plastic bag meaning the glass, at least, was contained. I smelled like a brewery all the way to my mum’s though.

I spent the first two days relaxing and staring at British TV. Oh, and shopping for the items above. I miss British supermarkets. I need my ‘crap’ British food.

Chips. I ate loads of chips. Nobody in the world does chips (French fries) like us Brits.

Roll-yer-own cigarettes. Yes I know I should quit smoking, but not before I’ve rolled a few of my own.

A pint of beer. A PINT. In a pint glass. Three pound fucking seventy down south by the way.

Driving on the left. God’s own traffic rules apply in England.

Till next time…