May 28, 2011

Bands and Singers I Hate, That Everyone Else Likes.

[Please note that I have the greatest respect for some of these peoples’ achievements, but simply cannot abide the music.]

I’ll start with Massive Attack. Everyone loves this band. Not me. Have you ever seen a bad thing written about them? They must be one of the most lauded bands of the last 30 years, but I just don’t get them at all. Here’s a quote from the very first video on YouTube I looked up:

” Massive Attack are more than musicians, they are artists in the true sense of the word, this track is beauty personified.”

Really? It’s just a song, and a nothing special song at that.

A definite case of Emperor’s New Clothes, as they have that kind of indestructible reputation that no one dare challenge lest the challenger looks uncool.

Joy Division. Controversial one this, as the singer, as you probably are aware, tragically killed himself. The remaining band members went on to become New Order. JD were, in my opinion, no better than your average student band, who, had they simply stopped what they were doing and split up in 1980, and Ian Curtis not killed himself, would not be remembered at all. Are they entirely overrated out of sympathy for the Ian Curtis tragedy? Yes, in my opinion.

Miles Davis and all that 50s be-bop Blue Note freestyle jazz stuff. Now I know these guys broke boundaries, and are much admired, and probably deservedly so, but my ears cannot abide listening to this stuff, in fact experimental music/jazz at all. Experimental music needs to exist, otherwise there would be no progress, but I don’t have to like it, and I don’t. Painful.

The Beatles. Now, I don’t hate The Beatles, but in all my life I have never had a favourite Beatles album, have never spent an enjoyable hour listening to them. I love old music from the 50s, 60s and 70s, and I honestly can’t pinpoint why I’m not a Beatles fan, it’s just none of their songs has ever grabbed me. I actually prefer John Lennon’s solo stuff after the Beatles.

Johnny Cash. Another guy who it is impossible to dislike because he’s so ‘cool’. It’s cool to like Johnny Cash. You’re hip to the tip if you like Johnny Cash. Guess I’m just not hip., because I’ve never heard a Johnny Cash song that did anything for me whatsoever.

Small Faces. Little fancy dress weirdos (Mods) all over England praise this band to high heaven. There’s nothing wrong with the Small Faces, but again, don’t dislike them or everyone will hate you. I prefer The Exploited’s Fuck a Mod myself.

The Who. Just fuck off. I hate The Who. Their music is shit and they come across like cunts in interviews.

So there you go. Obviously everyone’s musical tastes are different, but ask yourself, truthfully. Do you like any of the above just because everyone else does?