September 06, 2011

News Round Up

A blog about nothing in particular.

Normally I’m ranting about something I have a strong opinion about, like electric sliding doors (WHICH I F**KING HATE! Because they always close on you or break your stride and serve no purpose other than looking swish. A f**king spring will auto-close a door for f**k’s sake) or hand dryers that don’t dry your hands. This isn’t one of those rants, unless I think of something while I’m writing and it ends up that way.

So wot’s bin apnin? Petman is leaving. Nick is one of those guys I’ve known almost all the time I’ve been out here. He, I, and 2 or 3 others hung around together endlessly, and he’s the first one of the ‘gang’ to leave. So that’s a bit sad. I wish him well as he goes back to the UK to study. As one door closes…an electric one traps your hand.

It’s getting a little cooler out here in Korea. Autumn is creeping up. Actually running up. The seasons change quite quickly out here. It’s been a weird year, weather-wise. Monsoons and landslides in what-was-supposed-to-be summer, followed by baking heat followed by autumn. Throw in two weeks where I got frazzled in Laos and my skin will celebrate the onset of these cooler days. My skin hates everything. Mosquito bites? Skin sulks, itches, and swells up. And itches some more. Sunshine? I look like I’ve been in a nuclear accident, leaving a trail of flakes wherever I go. I think I was a ginger in a previous life. Incidentally, I have a cure for mosquito bite itchiness. Toothpaste! Works a treat for me. I literally never travel without an extra tube, just for bites. Mosquitoes love me. The little bastards. I hate them. And any twat that thinks I’ve incorrectly used the word literally, can f**k off. When I say ‘travel’, I mean TRAVEL, not get a f**king bus into town.

I’m starting a Masters Degree soon. This means I’ll be busy. I like being busy. I am at heart, like many people, a little lazy. But give me something to do and I’ll get it done. I’m a little worried about doing this MA, cuz it’s in teaching, and I’m not 100% sure I wanna be a teacher forever, but meh! It’s only an 18 month course. I can always switch in a few years if I change my mind. See I told you this blog was about nothing in particular.

I have a guitar. Can’t play the guitar, but I have one, courtesy of the aforementioned Nick Petman. Thanks! I’m trying to tune it right now. I’d be as well enlisting Helen Keller’s assistance for all the expertise I have. Mind you, my iPhone has an app for tuning guitars. Technology is amazing these days isn’t it?

Right that’s enough talking about nothing. Be well, wherever you are.